What can you do with 「大千 VAST」?
Inside 「大千 VAST」, there's a mix of avatars and a wide 3D world. Users can jump between world, hang out with friends in online events, explore amazing places, switch up their virtual look, and use cool items to interact with friends.
For developers, 「大千 VAST」 offers a handy SDK to easily upload stuff.
How to get started with 「大千 VAST」?
Step 1: Sign Up and Log In
Go to the official website and sign up. You can use WeChat, phone number, or email. This account is your all-in-one key to all platform.

Step 2: Change Your avatar
Pick your style! You can change how your virtual self looks. We’ve got options in the world for you to use. Just find them in the avatar tab and change your look.

Step 3: Enter the World
「大千 VAST」 has loads of cool worlds for you to check out. Use the world tab to find a place you want to go through portal or quick entry. There’s lots to experience in each world.

Step 4: Chat and Hang Out
You can talk and have fun with others in 「大千 VAST」. Use voice chat with other folks around, and cool spatial sound make it feel real. Figure out where people are and have a blast chatting and exploring with friends.

Step 5: AI:personal copilot
「大千 VAST」 has a smart AI named UNI. Chat with UNI who can help you out in the world, like a personal copilot. For example, you can changes skybox in the world just by talking with UNI.
Where can you access 「大千 VAST」?
「大千 VAST」 works on a bunch of devices. You can access it on VR, iPad, phone, computer, or just on a web browser. Plus, we offer cloud streaming, so you don’t need to download anything and can just hop right in.
What’s cloud streaming?
Cloud streaming means most of the heavy work is done in the cloud, and then sent to your device through the internet. You don’t need a powerful device. “VarSe哇塞” is the 「大千 VAST」 cloud streaming tool that makes it super easy to get a high-quality virtual fun experience. Dive into 「大千 VAST」 quickly and directly.
What’s the 「大千 VAST」 SDK and how to use it?
「大千VAST」SDK is a toolset for folks who create stuff using Unreal Engine. You can get it from the official website. With the SDK, you can quickly upload your Unreal Engine creations to「大千 VAST」, so people can play and interact online without any fuss. After downloading, open it in Unreal Engine, log in with your 「大千 VAST」account, and get creative. When you’re done, upload it.
「大千VAST」Control Instructions